Do you want to cut your power bill this winter?


There’s power in numbers. Join the Kiwi Energy Trust and let’s see if we can get cheaper energy together…

Against a backdrop of rising energy bills, the Kiwi Energy Trust wants to create buying pools of energy consumers—because together we believe we can secure lower rates from the energy suppliers for electricity.

Using our collective buying power, we intend to negotiate with energy suppliers on your behalf with the aim of bringing you lower power rates.

Following the success of similar schemes in the UK, indicative savings could be up to 20%—but to begin negotiations, we need 20,000 potential members.

Remember, the key to success is in the power of numbers. It’s all about teamwork!

How to get involved

There’s no commitment, but we need to know you’re interested in cutting your power bills. So, to be part of this initiative, register your interest now.

Step 1

Register. It’s free and there is no commitment. When the pool reaches 20,000, the Kiwi Energy Trust will be in a position to negotiate with New Zealand energy suppliers.

Step 2

We’ll contact you with group unit rates. Re-visit this website to test your power usage and current rates against the deal that has been negotiated.

It is at this stage that you can choose whether to opt in to the scheme.

The Fuel Poverty Fund

We want to help residents of New Zealand stay warm for less. As well as cutting power bills, we aim is to set up the “safety net” Fuel Poverty Fund to donate annually to those residents who really need help to stay warm.

Register your interest

There is no obligation at this point. We are simply using this to assess demand.

We will not share your details or send you marketing material.

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About us

The Kiwi Energy Trust is driven by you—we can’t negotiate without your support!

The trust comprises of Nelson community leaders and professionals including Nelson Mayor, Aldo Miccio, Solar City CEO, Andy Booth, Alex Reith, Galen King and Nelson Grey Power President, Neville Male.


What happened to the Nelson Energy Team Trust?

Due to the demand from outside of Nelson, we have realised this needs to happen nationwide so, at this early stage, we have changed the name of this initiative and are making it available to all New Zealanders.

Do we need to be in Nelson to be part of this?

No. We hope to be able to switch consumers from anywhere in New Zealand.

Are we committing to anything by registering now?

There is no obligation to do anything when you register. We are simply gathering as many names as we can to take to the power companies to negotiate the best rates. You will have an opportunity to actually opt-in for the switch later.

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

We are still working out many of the details and would love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch.

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